Single double sided pages from my short comic First Sight

Printed with blue and yellow risograph ink


These were intially formatted to be printed as a zine, the cropped pages won’t have a border + will be full bleed


Page 1: One side of the page has 3 inset panels of two girls - dialogue "She believed me when i told her I had powers / That I could talk to the wind / One day she asked me what it was saying / I told her that it (I) loved her"

The other side has one inset panel of a girl lying down on grass, with dialogue "falling was instant"


Page 2: One side has one inset panel of a girl laughing. Dialogue reads "And that made her smile" This page can be displayed as a spread with Page 1.

The other side has three inset panels with dialogue "We never bothered with wishes / They never came true / We figured we were just asking for too much / So instead we whispered our secrets into the dandelions"


Page 3: First side has 5 panels of the two girls laying in grass with the dialogue "Do you think we'll ever know more than words on a page? / I want to live, I want to make it out of this life / But I'm just so tired. All the time. / I want to be more than a kid who's afraid to go home"

The other side has 4 panels, the girls are laying in grass with dialogue "What are you reading? / It's a story about heroes and adventure / I think you'd like it."


Page 4: First side is an illustration of the two girls laying down in the grass

The other side has an illustration of one girl running with her hands thrown up in the air. A caption reads "We would dnace and shout and chase after them" There are speech bubbles that read "Get out of here!" "We don't want you anymore!"