Fucked Up Deer | Vinyl Stickersheet

Fucked Up Deer | Vinyl Stickersheet


4x6 inch sticker sheet, 6 stickers.


Repositionable, waterproof, and durable

Fucked up deer bundle comes with the "Shedding Velvet" postcard! :)


Image description: Collection of gorey deer stickers

-a bust of a deer with an antler going through its eye

-a deer that looks like it's been twisted and wrung out. Its eyes are an X

-a red deer antler, three drips of blood come off of it

-a deer crossing sign, the sign has an image of a deer leaping on it, and the letter X. The pole is bent and covered with gore.

-a checklist on torn up and bloody note book paper reading: "Shopping" (in red), and "Milk," "Eggs," and "Fucked up deer." "Fucked up deer" is checked off on the checklist.

-a deer that has its front and back end pulled apart, it's guts are stretched out like a cheese pull.