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First Sight

"I told her I could talk to the wind."

A short comic about a young girl's first crush. Two girls play make belief as a as a way of exploring queerness and surviving abuse.

'First Sight' is a self published comic by Jade Zhang (2019). It is printed in two colours with the Risograph. It's hand bound, and is a limited run of 50 copies.

More Works


with BOOM! Studios

Writer: Jonathan Rivera

Art: Jade Zhang

Lettering: Jim Campbell


Through the Shadow of Titans

with Dauntless Stories

Writer: Eastin DeVerna

Art: Jade Zhang

Lettering: Shawn Daley


Bloody Mary and the

Smart Mirror

Written by Mikaela Lucido

Illustrated by Jade Zhang

Part of Gothic Tales of

Haunted Futures vol. 2.

Fall, 2020.

The Dark is Not
a Nothing

Written by Mikaela Lucido

Illustrated by Jade Zhang



Cyclic is a short comic about forever and decay. Written and illustrated by Jade Zhang, edited by Amy Wang. It is part of Augur Magazine issue 3.1, Fall, 2020.



Jade Zhang. 2018.

A very cursed Toronto apartment, procrastination, and cat.



Jade Zhang.
Comics artist & illustrator.

Let's work together ♡

Toronto, ON.

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