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i'm stuck in          retrograde

fabulist | autobio      

There's a looming staircase in the woods that brings memories to life for its travellers. At first it's great fun, but then they get trapped in a loop of traumatic memories, and find themselves far from home

debuted with shortbox comics fair 2023

More works

how to survive
a haunting

the haunting of a family who becomes their own monsters

first published with the Ignatz award winning Shades
of Fear anthology, 2022.


don't speak to
the fae

don't you ever

self published, 2022


first sight

A short comic about a young girl's first crush. Two girls play make belief as a way of exploring queerness and surviving abuse.

self published, 2019



Jade Zhang.
Comics artist & illustrator.

Let's work together ♡
Toronto, ON.

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